About Tai

Radio Personality-Sales-Marketing-Leadership

Queens New York. According to family members and friends:

“Tai has always been the explorer, the researcher, the creator. Not afraid to step out of his comfort zone and express himself creatively. He’s kind of a renaissance personality.”

At 14 years old, Tai jumped into the new music revolution sweeping the world. It was a time of the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Jimmy Hendricks, Janis Joplin and others. That was the spark needed for Tai to put together his own music group- even securing a spot performing at the 1964 World’s Fair’s New York Pavilion.

During his late teens and mid 20 years, Tai performed as vocalist and guitarist at Harlow’s, Action House, Cheetah in New York City and toured with his group The Wildcats throughout eastern USA.

“I found myself playing at major New York City clubs as an “underage” 15 year old. When the license people would come by, I would have to hide myself behind the coat racks. It was a strange scenario for a youngster and not very edifying!”

Since those days, his career as a musician, vocalist and composer grew- He also worked the dinner theatre circuit as a stage actor and singer in various musicals countrywide.

In 1970 Tai successfully graduated with an honorary diploma from the American Musical Academy NYC. Showcasing an original comedy skit “Absolutely Backwards” and song “Memory of You.” “Meeting Philip Burton, Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor and working with Director David Martin was incredibly inspirational and it changed my view of what was creatively possible! AMDA changed my life!”.


“I also learned how competitive and unkind this industry could be. Especially if you are wide-eyed and naive. And I was! Sometimes it has nothing to do with talent- if you get what I’m saying.”

In the late 90’s Tai was asked to collaborate on the Off-Broadway Musical Cabaret and CD production of Bonnie Sander’s Broadway Moon Song Shoppe This won him critical acclaim. He also had the good fortune of meeting with the legendary King of Promotion- Pete Bennett who gave Tai some great advice on the music and film business.

Tai never abandoned his love for music. He continues today as guitarist, composer and studio engineer.

With the legendary King of Promotion Pete Bennett


“If you want to receive all the rewards from playing music, its simple, you must first love the music.” Tai.

In 1993 Tai Aguirre decided to leave the hustle and bustle of his native New York City to live a greener and slower-paced life in rural upstate New York. Little did he know that the move would be anything but quiet – and the circumstances that would ensue determined a new career direction as a truth-baring radio journalist.

Aguirre became unwittingly embroiled in a Stephen King-worthy rural horror story of jurisdictional battles with government regulatory agencies. The agencies threatened his costly renovation project after giving their official approval. “It was simple, the DEP tried to take my house under some bogus environmental regulation. I had received all the local and state approvals to renovate. But some influential, crazy environmentalists insisted they wanted control of the land and private property and I seemed an easy target for them. They were very wrong.

So the EPA/DEP and the enviros sued me in State court, trying to set a precedent of “potential septic failure. An unheard of precedent.”

Tai realized that the only way to win was to wage a defense campaign against his government regulatory battle was to get his story out to the public.

He aggressively reached out to media and alerted the average Joe and Jane to the injustices government regulatory agencies routinely carry out on ordinary citizens.

After all, if it happened to me, anyone could be next.” Aguirre’s story was covered by several high circulation newspapers and television and radio shows including WorldNet Daily, WABC Radio and FOX TV news. The media exposure turned out to be one of the tipping points in Tai Aguirre’s ultimate victory.

“My episode was intense and highly stressful, with long periods of no-sleep. However, I have come to believe in a thing called divine intervention. It was a Godsend that I finally found the Atlantic Legal Foundation and VP Martin Kaufman who stood up on my behalf and forced these enviros and government agencies to back down from their insane lawsuit. Tai’s story can be reviewed via World Net Daily’s coverage. http://www.couldyoubenext.com/about.html

My victory was highly publicized. Shortly thereafter, similar hardship stories from other families fighting battles with regulatory and bureaucratic agencies poured in from all over the country. Aguirre now found himself a now well-informed advocate and did what any creative bigmouth New Yorker from Queens would do: He created a news/talk exposé radio show! Could You Be Next? “We exposed government and bureaucratic corruption and gave a platform for victims of government. I feel we helped a lot of people. I had to find out for myself what was behind this on-going government abuse of citizens.” Congressman Ron Paul appeared often on Tai’s various radio programs.

The three-year David and Goliath legal battle mentioned before jeopardized Aguirre’s home, livelihood and also took a personal toll on his health.

He learned from this experience how other victims of government abuse often suffer from dramatic health problems. Which raised the question: How does the body and mind heal itself? He embarked on a 2 year study of how the human and energetic system works and what cutting edge healing paradigms are available. He studied for a short while with QiGong masters Robert Peng and Qi Feilong and learned about improving manipulating one’s energy level to heal.

A lover of travel, he decided to turn it into a new radio show for and about the world-wide expatriate community.

The Expat Show® was born over ABC affiliate WTBQ radio in New York.

Tai continued study in this area. In 2017 he achieved Board Certification as a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner.

He continues to share his knowledge with friends and family and enjoys good health.

The new program received media acclaim, including from Congress’s Americans Abroad Caucus- Chairman Congressman Joseph Wilson.

“Tai was able to provide a home for the more than 11million Americans who are living abroad. These Americans are our ambassadors overseas.”

Many guests participated on his show including radio icon Barry Farber and teacher and playwrite DB Giles.

In 2014 Tai’s company was invited by the Colombian government to meet with the country’s top IT vendors.

“Perhaps a well kept secret, but Colombia has some of the best entrepreneurs in software development, security and infrastructure. I fell in love with Bogota and its people. They exude a natural warmth and sincerity. I made some great friends” Tai.

“I credit any success I may have to the people I have met. Everyone is special and has something to teach. I never forget this.” tai

Tai resume includes awards for BEST NEW PRODUCT, Premium Incentive Show Javits Center, NYC: Your Personal Song ™ original music for any occasion. BEST NEW PRODUCT/TECHNOLOGY “CRYSTAL APPLE AWARD” Premium Incentive Show NYC for INCENTIWEB® One of the first in the incentive industry to create corporate promotional and incentive programs on-line.

Tai also worked as a columnist for National Organized Labor Journal and writer/blogger at www.divvyengagement.com. (Formerly Taico® Incentive Services.)

And finished his first screenplay: Shadow Over Hawk Lake WGA East.

Whatever country Tai travels to he makes sure to bring along his guitar and share some of Jazz’s great standards. While in Merida Mexico he was asked to play at Merida’s famous SOHO Art Gallery. What often happens at SOHO are the great players who stop by for late night jam sessions.

Today, Tai still enjoys a number of creative interests. He utilizes his modest recording studio to compose themes and teach music and studio craft.

His adventures continue………stay tuned.

Tai can be reached at tai@taicoproductions.com